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Quadrant Brazil won Clap Awards of Industrial and Graphic Design

The CLAP Awards, an internacional design, branding and communication award, announced its winners and Quadrante Brazil had 7 works selected.

In Industrial Design, category "Best Furniture Design", the People Bench and Tribal Line Hangers were selected. On "Best misc industrial design work", Handy was one of the winners

In "Graphic Design", the new brand for Enova Energy developed by us was chosen on "Best Corporate Brand". The packages developed by us that were selected were the Roots Energy Drink and Miragina in "Best Package or Set of Packages (product line)". In "Best Identification/Signaling System"Cyrella Jardins was also highlighted.

The international CLAP awards allow studios, agencies, offices and freelancers from all over Latin America to participate for an international recognition in the world of design, communication and branding.

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