Founded in 2013, Enova seeks to facilitate the access to technology, acting in areas of energy efficiency, eletronic solutions and renovable energy.

It's directors had difficulties when they tried to deploy advertisement actions and strenghtening image strategy with it's customers. There was a need to develop a brand platform could build Enovas personality.

We developed the brand strategy, it's position and purpose.
The motto is: " Sustainable in thinking, acting on renewable and reliable on executing.".

Sustainability + Biomimicry + Modulation

The result firmly reinforces the ideal of a young company that is close to the customer and the planet.

For the development of ENOVA brand, we assume that a single symbol, drawn from the fibonacci constant (concept fibonacci) established from the ratio of various natural elements, whether plant or animal, where the helical shape, divided in various sections/layers refers to energy development process, also praising the source of sustainable energy, arising from nature.

Where there is an energy source, fluidly, be it solar, sea or wind, with ENOVA being it's central catalyst that through his expertise develops/provides means for the use of renewable and economical  energy in a clean way.

The color pattern created is divided into four color scales - PURPLE, ORANGE, GREEN AND BLUE, following as reference the seasons where each one, Summer, Winter, Spring and Autumn has well established these colors in nature.

The new ENOVA brand seek to express the company's values through a dynamic symbol,  representing the ethical and transparent principles to its public, which operates in the market taking to his customer innovative and conscious solutions for reducing pollutants and consequent improvement of the planet.



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