Adoption Fair


The World Health Organization estimates that in Brazil there are more than 30 million abandoned animals. In large cities, the number is 1 a dog for every 5 inhabitants. With that increase, more and more animals are left to fend for themselves on the streets. 


The Adoption Fair was created on Terra Zoo in partnership with animal protection NGOs in the city. A charity event that promotes the donation of adult dogs and puppies rescued from the streets or were abandoned at the door of the adoption of institutions. All owners received their new properly vaccinated friends, and sign a statement of commitment by encouraging responsible ownership.

80 adesivos com aplique instalados nos carros dos clientes.

Aplique instalado nos carrinhos de compras nas lojas.


1.187 people attented the event. Of 117 animals offered, 92 were adopted.
With its success, the fair entered in Terra Zoo annual calendar.

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