Halley Graphic Kit 2016

A Halley S.A. Gráfica e Editora is a reference in printing in the brazilian market. Located in Teresina, Piauí, it is known for the quality of their printing. It has the latest technology that put their industrial park side by side with the most up to date in the country, an investment to seek the continued healthy relationship with its customers and partners.

Thinking about this relationship, Gráfica Halley starts another year by distributing gifts to its clients and partners. And this year we brought something motivate an entire nation: the olympic spirit. In 2016 the world will look to Brazil and the brazilians, more than anyone else, will live this feeling. The proposal is more than keeping the brand in tune with your audience. It is to make the brand express the feeling of each Brazilian.

The strategy

During the Olympics, everyone talk about sports. Infected by ideals of overcoming and achievement that may seem unattainable, sometimes we forget that we live it every day, overcoming difficulties and obstacles to practice our favorite sport, be it on the edge of a river, in a lowland field or improvising a soccer ball out of sockets. This is the "Olympic spirit" that makes us giants, often without support and far from applauses, which does not prevent us from understanding the real value of sport.

Portraying this spirit is the soul of this proposal, bringing it to the top of the podium, valuing these events so common in our lives and often we are not aware of its existence. Here is the Olympic feeling in its purest form, the way it exists in a child who does it because of the love and the joy it brings. The feeling of knowing that to reach the top requires a lot of hard work and requires a child look at each obstacle so you never miss the main focus is to grow facing the challenges ...

We're olympic by nature.

Dream + Imagination + Sportsmanship.

Since each kit piece explores the concept of the Olympic spirit differently, to unify the material made it necessary to create something to convey this spirit and serve as identification element of the graphic material. Thinking about this, we thought about the torch, the ultimate symbol of the Olympics, and that enabled us to also represent the "flame" of this our spirit.


Behind every great athlete there was a child.

The development kit revolves around the idea that behind every great athlete there was a child. Each game, each child's play, forged a bit of sportsman in all of us. The solution to develop this concept was working with acetate sheets that, superimposed on the image of a child performing some activity, make the relationship between the children's universe and the sport.

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